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order nucs for 2023 now! Deposit payment available in the online store.


we sell nucs and mated queens from MARCH to july every year. Overwintered nucs are $275 and are available mid march. nucs are $225 with a actively laying open mated pol-line queen and five frames. frames will be a mix of wood and plastic (if you prefer one or the other please let us know and we will try to accomodate). nucs are typically available for pickup in baytown, tx starting around the middle of april. once ordered we will contact you to setup a pickup date/time and send the exact location. nucs require a $50 deposit to reserve.  


open mated pol-line queens are $30 each and must be picked up in baytown, tx. our breeder queens are hand selected from all our colonies for gentleness, productivitiy and low varroa mite counts. Once ordered we will contact you to arrange pick up date/time and provide exact location.


we do not ship nucs or queens at this time.


for availability or to order queens please email or call 713-459-4583.